LC Squad is a study group that helps engineers nail big tech interviews.
This is a hands-on study group, NOT a networking event.
You will group up into squads of five and:
💻 Tackle LeetCode problems together
💡 Practice communication skills worth > 50% of the score
🎨 Explore systems design
🚀 Make connections, get referrals.


💻 Virtual (Discord)

We offer easily accessible virtual group every day @ 9AM on #virtual

The Blind Post That Started it All

I’ve been a front-end engineer for over 12 years. Yet, I’ve somehow avoided LeetCode my entire career. With the recent change in the job market, I acknowledged how much this limited my options. To motivate me, I sought a more social group on the tech forum Blind to keep me accountable.The response was overwhelming. In the absence of a suitable option, I took the initiative to create one. Fortuitously, a community member provided us with a temporary space, and our inaugural event attracted 26 participants, ranging from students to seasoned professionals. The enthusiasm and self-organization within the community to teach one another, including splitting up into a course where someone taught beginners the fundamentals, was incredibly inspiring.

The Blind Post that started it all

L33tle Buddy will cheer you on with mild Blind insults!

About the Organizers